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Published in an article(Personalizing Ambience and Illusionary Presence: How People Use “Study with me” Videos to Create Effective Studying Environments) by ACM (The World's Largest Computer Science Society).

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It's an unprecedented boom, but if it gets too big, it can have a negative effect.
The mutual monitoring effect is reduced, making it easier to get out of the room.

Also, in a streaming room of 1000 people in ZOOM, the implicit mutual monitoring effect such as "that person is always there" is reduced.
The correct answer is to operate VSR on an appropriate scale.

Therefore, we recommend creating a Free Premium Focus Room with unique characteristics.
We can also recruit other members on this site, and if there is demand, we will create a free premium focus room introduction page for everyone.
If it's free, Google Meet, Whereby, Discord, etc.

Is the era of ZOOM link sharing coming?
If you have a strong interest in ZOOM, you can also propose to other participants to jointly purchase the ZOOM link. (Split bill app Venmo etc.)

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The world's largest virtual study room with zoom

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Status of participating countries

Promising people from all over the world are gathering in this virtual study room.

Spreading all over the world mainly with TikTok!

World map of virtual study rooms
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Latest entry information for rivals and self-study buddies

Rivals from all over the world enter the room every day! Delivered daily on Twitter!

Find people with the same school and qualifications and work hard at home!


‎Characteristics of this Virtual Study Room.

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I will not lose to rivals all over the world

Top class members from the University of Tokyo, medical school entrance exams, difficult qualification exams, etc. are gathered from all over the country. There are rivals here who can never lose.

There are many morning activities

It is hard to find an environment where you can study hard and study from early morning. Our self-study room is a different dimensional environment, with many conscious people starting from 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, and 5 o’clock. This eliminates the need to go to school early.

Declaration of examination plan

Declare weekly and monthly quotas and self-discipline rules such as punishment and rewards.
You can also refer to other people’s plans.

Ultimate Mutual Surveillance System 1v1 Description Page

one-on-one study with me

Online study camp

In our self-study room, it will be held for free whenever there are members.
Last year, the students who successfully used the study camp successfully passed the pharmacist national exam.

Various chats

There are more than 10 group chats, and you can use them according to your purpose.

One-on-one virtual self-study chat
Wake up report chat
Study time report chat
Study camp chat, etc.



Our self-study room has the potential to build a win-win relationship by giving and taking between those who aspire to difficult universities such as the University of Tokyo and medical schools from all over the country.


Brain science and psychological effects

Comparison between the Virtual Study Room and others

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Cycle diagram to prevent unnecessary touching the smartphone.png

Mastering the online study room will maximize your total available study time.
Moreover, due to the current circumstances, it is 100% safe for infectious disease control, so it is a safe environment.
You can reduce various expenses associated with going out and have a very economical examination life.
And it will open the door to a cost-effective life!

Study hard now and get them below!



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VSR Tools

Basically, it focuses on the hand you are studying.
PC users may need a webcam.
You can also use the smartphone stand if you get stuck in fixing your smartphone.

Put sweets, game controllers, game software, related cables, credit cards, and cash (in the case of smartphones, leave them connected to ZOOM).

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Thank you for your donation quite often, even a while ago.
We are grateful again for the large donations we received in the past.

Similarly, thank you to donorbox and paypal.

You can choose your country's currency and donate..


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