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Ninja Study Live!

Free Premium Focus Room (FPFR) on this site.

Forest Study Live!

It is a FPFR for volunteer members.
Use the forest app and ZOOM.

Focus room for small groups.

The keeper of this FPFR is an MBBS aspirant.

The entry link is pasted in the announcement chat in ZOOM.

We are always looking for a new free premium focus room.
Please contact us in ZOOM etc.

We will introduce your free premium focus room on this page and chat in ZOOM.

Latest information

Free premium focus room

It's an unprecedented boom, but if it gets too big, it can have a negative effect.
The mutual monitoring effect is reduced, making it easier to get out of the room.
Therefore, we recommend creating a premium focus room with unique characteristics.
We can also recruit other members on this site, and if there is demand, we will create a free premium focus room introduction page for everyone.
If it's free, Google Meet, Whereby, Discord, etc.

Is the era of ZOOM link sharing coming?
If you have a strong interest in ZOOM, you can also propose to other participants to jointly purchase the ZOOM link. (Split bill app Venmo etc.)


Virtual Study Room with Zoom(Free)

Ninja Study Style

They are never found on COVID-19.

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Moderated by Masayoshi Sasagawa(Chayamachi Kita-ku Osaka Japan)

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