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Brain science and psychological effects of the virtual study room

Brain science and psychological effects of the virtual study room (1).jpg
  1. Mirror neuron effect

  2. Peer pressure effect

  3. Hawthorne effect

  4. Under-mining effect

  5. Enhancing effect

Mirror neuron effect

Mirror neurons are nerve cells that are active in the brain of primates and other animals when they act on their own or when they are watching other individuals act, and they have the function of promoting imitation of behavior like a mirror.

In humans, there are cases where babies imitate human facial expressions.

Due to this mirror neuron effect, when you see someone who is concentrating on ZOOM, you feel like you are also concentrating on your studies.

Because the people around me are concentrated, it is an environment where I can easily concentrate.

Peer pressure effect

The peer pressure effect is the pressure that tries to synchronize with the surroundings, which is the so-called tuning pressure.

In the online study room, you can feel positive peer pressure, saying, "Because other people are studying intensively, I have to concentrate myself."

Generally speaking, the sympathetic pressure is used as a negative expression such as "The uniform Japanese in the village society-fear criticism and succumb to the sympathetic pressure", but it is possible to use it positively at home. It is also an online study room. 

The motivational technique (motivational step flow) that can be done in the online study room is a procedure that uses this mirror neuron effect and peer pressure effect.


Hawthorne effect

The Hawthorne effect is a psychological effect that seeks to meet that expectation by attracting people's attention.

In this online self-study room, you can enhance the Hawthorne effect by declaring in general chat or endurance race chat.


The undermining effect is the phenomenon of losing motivation when you are instructed to do something you were planning to do.

Online study rooms are free from the undermining effect because they are systems that support a spontaneous environment.


The enhancing effect is a method of increasing motivation and motivation by extrinsic motivation such as reward, and is a so-called compliment and extension method.

The online self-study room is an environment where you can create a "state of compliment" by active self-study.

Therefore, the online self-study room is an ICT education platform that has nothing to do with the undermining effect and can only enjoy the benefits of the enhancing effect.


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