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Self-study support system 3.0

self study support system with zoom

Virtual Study Room

This is a group dedicated to video calls, and it will be a group where you can work hard and study hard.

In addition, if necessary in various chats and general chats, we will comment on entering and leaving the room and work with each other.

Break time is also a time declaration system for both entry and exit, preventing the lunch break on a lazy holiday from being prolonged.


Recently, the number of people is increasing, and the mainstream posting method is to show the timer on the screen, or to write a declaration etc. after the pattern or handle name posted on paper.

If you want to declare a full-scale timetable, please use general chat.

Self-study battle style one-on-one self-study

one-on-one study with me.jpg

Various dedicated chats

There are dozens or more Japanese group chats, and you can use them according to your purpose.(So far there is only one English-speaking chat)

Proposals and requests for management

We accept various ideas such as discussions on management, proposals for anonymous management, introduction of new rules, establishment of new group chats, holding of new events, creation of new questionnaires and spreadsheets.

Let's share information and discuss, make a more valuable group, and enjoy a fulfilling home-study and self-study life!


Virtual Study Room on Zoom Free 24/7


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