Pass Record

Congratulations on passing.

Judicial scrivener examination (2017)

Certified Public Accountant Examination (2017)

Osaka Prefecture University Nursing Transfer Exam (2017)

Chugoku Regional University School of Medicine (2018)

Department of Nursing, Osaka City University School of Medicine (2018)

Kansai University Faculty of Letters (2018)

Tsuda College (2018)

National Pharmacist Examination (2018)

Keio University Faculty of Commerce (2018)

Waseda University Faculty of Commerce (2018)

Eiken Level 1 (2018)

Cytotechnologist Primary Examination (2018) 

Associate Nursing School (2018)

Eiken Level 2 (2018)

CCNA (2018)

The University of Tokyo Science Class 1 (2019)

Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering (2019)

The University of Tokyo, Department of Literature (2020)

National Pharmacist Examination (2020)

Niigata Prefectural University Faculty of International Regional Sciences Department of International Area Studies (2020), Tokai University Faculty of Culture and Sociology Department of Public Relations and Media Studies Faculty of Letters Department of History Department of Archeology

Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Commerce (2020), Sophia University Faculty of Economics Department of Business Administration, Waseda University Faculty of Commerce

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (2020)

Nagoya Institute of Technology (2020)


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Moderated by Masayoshi Sasagawa(Chayamachi Kita-ku Osaka Japan)

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