Self-study battle style one-on-one self-study

Why is one-on-one self-study preferred?

The disadvantages of the group ZOOM self-study room are easy to get rid of, but one-on-one self-study can be more enforceable.

As a reminder, do not break your one-on-one promise.

If there is a violation, please contact the site administrator.
The site administrator advises the person to be careful.

This site is participating from all over the world, so please pay attention to the time difference when recruiting.

Recruitment example (in chat added after ZOOM approval)

Tomorrow(Eastern North America Time)

① 6: 15-9: 30

② 9: 45-13: 00

③ 13: 15-16: 30

④ 16: 45-18: 00

⑤ 21: 30-0: 40

Is there anyone who can do it? Only one of them is OK, you can take a break freely!


Participant A ①,② Please → add the contacte → Use video calls and invite links for My Meeting ID to chat with matching partners

Participant B ③,④,⑤ Please → Same as above → Same as above


Virtual Study Room with Zoom(Free)

Ninja Study Style

They are never found on COVID-19.

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