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Self-study battle style one-on-one self-study

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Why is one-on-one self-study preferred?

The disadvantages of the group ZOOM self-study room are easy to get rid of, but one-on-one self-study can be more enforceable.

As a reminder, do not break your one-on-one promise.

If there is a violation, please contact the site administrator.
The site administrator advises the person to be careful.

This site is participating from all over the world, so please pay attention to the time difference when recruiting.

One-on-one self-study chat

English 1v1 chat (1v1 study matching chat)

Recruitment example

Tomorrow(Eastern North America Time)

① 6: 15-9: 30

② 9: 45-13: 00

③ 13: 15-16: 30

④ 16: 45-18: 00

⑤ 21: 30-0: 40

Is there anyone who can do it? Only one of them is OK, you can take a break freely!


Participant A ①,② Please → add the contacte → Use video calls and invite links for My Meeting ID to chat with matching partners

Participant B ③,④,⑤ Please → Same as above → Same as above

Japanese 1v1 chat (Most active chat)

You can also recruit people in the most active Japanese one-on-one chat.
There are many Japanese learners of English, so even if you recruit in English, you can match as shown in the image below.

one on one japanese.jpg

One-on-one self-study derivative form

One-on-one self-study for early morning only

If you master this chat, you can get up early and encourage yourself from early morning.

Recruitment example

Is there anyone who can do it for an hour from 5:00 to 6:00 from tomorrow to the end of April? If you can contact us on holidays, we will arrange it for your convenience!

One-on-one self-study for a fixed period

Finding a regular partner avoids frequent recruitment.
However, there is an increased probability that you will not be able to contact you in the middle of the process, or you will violate your promise, so please follow the rules firmly.

Recruitment example

During April (except Sunday)
Those who can do it from 10:30 to 17:00, please.
It is ok if you divide the period.


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