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Successful comment collection

Passed Nagoya Institute of Technology (2020)

I passed my first choice university, and since I haven't used the Zoon app for a while, I've only recently left.

Thank you for lending me a place to study like this for about a year.

Passed Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (2020)

I participated in online self-study. I have passed the school of my choice, so I will leave. I used it on days when cram schools and schools were not available. The way everyone was studying encouraged me and I was able to do my best. It was a short time, but thank you for your help. Thank you very much.

Passed the Faculty of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University (2020)

The universities and faculties that have passed are as follows.

Sophia University Faculty of Economics Department of Business Administration

Waseda University Faculty of Commerce

Faculty of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University

You will go to the Faculty of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University.

Thank you very much. thank you for helping me.

Passed the national pharmacist exam (2020)

Thanks to you, I was able to pass the qualification test! !! Thank you very much.

Passed Niigata Prefectural University (2020)

Tokai University Faculty of Culture and Sociology Department of Public Relations Media Department Faculty of Letters Department of History Archeology

Niigata Prefectural University Faculty of International Area Studies Department of International Area Studies

I passed the exam and went on to Niigata Prefectural University.

thank you for helping me.

Thank you very much.

University of Tokyo Bunka I Pass (2020)

Long time no see. I have passed the first-choice University of Tokyo, Department of Literature. I used it when I was almost full of studying at home. If you are preparing to take the exam, we are supporting you! You may continue to be taken care of by studying for qualifications. Thank you very much! 

University of Tokyo Science Class I Pass (2019)

Hello. Is it Yu-kun? Gobusatashiteorimasu. It is M who was taken care of two years ago (active era). Do you remember?

I would like to report that I have passed the University of Tokyo Science Class I.

I would like to express my gratitude for being taken care of by the study room here when I was active. Thank you very much.

I think that you may be taken care of again, but thank you. 

Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering Passed (2019)

I used this online self-study room once in a while when I wasn't motivated. I would like to report that I have passed the Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering. Thank you very much m (_ _) m 

CCNA passed (2018)

I passed the CCNA! Therefore, we aim to acquire CCNP from now on. 

Thank you! Thanks to being in the Ishinkan! ^^

Passed the national pharmacist exam (2018)

The official results were announced earlier, and I was able to successfully pass the national pharmacist examination.

I think this result is also supported by everyone who studied together at Ishinkan.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you very much for studying with us.

We sincerely pray for the development of Ishinkan and the success of everyone. 

Passed Tsuda College (2018)

I went on to active school due to my family's circumstances, but this was my first time to take the exam, and I was keenly aware of how difficult the national university was, and it was a very good experience, including the study period. (It was also affected by the reduction in the number of private universities in the Greater Tokyo Area ...)

Even though I am still active, I think it will be more difficult for people who are ronin and aim for difficulty.

Also, because I had to take the exam without going to the cram school prep school, I was grateful for the existence of Skype Ishinkan because I am not good at going to the study desk. I wish I could find it a little earlier. Lol

Thank you very much. 

* Skype Ishinkan is the old name of our online study room.

Passed the Department of Medicine, Chugoku Regional Medical School (2018)

[11:48:51] Mr. T: Passed! !! !! !! !! !! !!

[11:49:37] Yu-kun: Congratulations.

[11:50:20] Mr. T: I was a masked wanderer, so it was difficult to maintain my motivation, but thanks to Ishinkan, I was able to keep my motivation.

[11:50:24] Mr. T: Thank you!

[11:50:29] Yu-kun: I can finally give you a quick report

[11:50:43] Yu-kun: Thank you

[11:51:26] Mr. T: Center Research was an E-judgment with a margin, but I managed to reverse it in the second test.

[11:51:35] Yu-kun: Can you hide the university name?

[11:52:05] Mr. T: I want you to lie down ...

[11:52:25] Mr. T: I'm sorry

[11:52:46] Yu-kun: The region can be roughly the Tohoku region or the Shikoku region.

[11:53:04] Mr. T: Please only with the Chugoku region

[11:53:19] Yu-kun: I understand

[11:54:23] Mr. T: Thank you very much. I hope that all those who are studying at Ishinkan, including Yu-san, will take the exam successfully.

[11:55:03] Yu-kun: Thank you for taking the time to report.

[11:55:30] Yu-kun: Enjoy your student life

[11:56:17] Mr. T: Thank you! Study hard and become a good doctor!

[11:56:30] Yu-kun: I support you

[11:56:43] Yu-kun: Thank you for your participation.

Passed the judicial scrivener exam (2017)

[22:09:57] P: Thank you. Actually, the other day, I announced that I passed the judicial scrivener exam, and I received a pass notification today.

[22:10:08] Manager: Congratulations!

[22:10:27] Manager :: It is our encouragement.

[22:10:33] P: I was motivated here and could continue studying.

[22:10:52] P: This is full of gratitude. I'm really thankful to you.

[22:11:32] Manager :: Congratulations!

[22:12:39] P: Thank you. The motivation was really great, so please be sure to win the pass. I support you. I'm really thankful to you.


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