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How to regain concentration


Column of A pharmacist who re-challenge the medical school

 When exercising, brain-derived neurotrophic factor ( BDNF ) is secreted, which can be expected to have effects such as strengthening the network between nerves and promoting nerve renewal.

In addition, it is said that exercising increases blood flow to the brain and maximizes concentration about 30 minutes after exercising. If you keep studying for a long time, your concentration will decrease, not because your brain is tired, but because your brain is tired.

To solve this, it is effective to put it in the opposite of studying, that is, in a state of selective attention (attention is directed to multiple things).

 As a precaution for examinees, avoid excessive fatigue and try to exercise an appropriate amount.
Rhythmic repetitive exercise such as light jogging seems to be a good type of exercise.
Also, mild muscle training, yoga, burpee training, dance, ballet, etc. may be good, and find a selective attention that suits you and improve your concentration.
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